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Staying Anonymous and Secure

Where did you check your bank account today?  Were you on your phone at the local Starbucks?  Maybe you were sitting by the pool at a hotel.  Were you purposely connected to that open “Linksys” hotspot?

Today we use WIFI without always realizing our phone has connected to a rogue AP.  How often do we click past SSL security pages without thinking twice?  If you have, you likely just gave away the keys to your identity.

We recently tried a number of VPN clients for speed, ease of use, and cost.  We narrowed it down to a finalist that we will go through today and explain the benefits.


NordVPN details perfectly on their website our use cases and purpose for a VPN.

Safe Wi-Fi:
Check your bank balance, buy online, and more at public hotspots using NordVPN’s super-safe advanced VPN service. Just click and you’re in. Whatever you do online, it’s as safe as if you were doing it at home. Safer, actually. In fact, it’s safer than if you were actually at the bank or store.
Unrestricted Internet:
Filtered, blocked Internet is like visiting a library filled with only the books your aunt likes. Just hop on NordVPN and get instant access to Hulu, Netflix, BBC, ITV, Sky, RaiTV and much more, all from anywhere in the world. Blocked social websites, P2P file sharing service, or VoIP applications? Unblock them and get access to the whole Internet with NordVPN.
Complete Privacy
Why ride a crowded bus filled with people looking over your shoulder when you can cruise in a taxi all your own? NordVPN gives you a private and fast path through the public Internet. All your data is protected every step of the way using revolutionary 2048-bit SSL encryption even a supercomputer can’t crack.

The first component for us was ease of use.  It had to be quick and simple enough for our grandma to use.  After a typical, next, next, finish install the vpn app is installed and displays a easy to use interface with server load and latency.  If you hover over all of the servers they will list the apps that they are recommended for.  The settings window is also easy to understand for most users, from starting with windows to auto connecting.  There are also advanced options such as killing running processes to prevent application from announcing who you are from your new secure IP and also using secure DNS servers to prevent logging of sites visited.

interface    settings

Running processes selection menu:


After selecting a server with low latency (close in location to us) and minimal load we ran some speed tests:

Without VPN:


With VPN:


Loosing only 50% of our speed is wonderful over VPN.  You have to realize that most public internet access at Starbucks, the Library, etc. is going to limit most users to less than 30Mbps down.  Compared to other VPN access that we tried NordVPN was definitely ahead of the curve!

The pricing of NordVPN was most certainly in line with other providers,  $4 per month (when bought on an annual subscription).

Get secure today and sign up!



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