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Ruckus Partnership!

DigitalRoot is excited to announce our recent partnership with Ruckus Wireless!

Ruckus offers a wide variety of solutions from Location-Based Services for targeted promotions, classroom notes and proximity analytics to enrish customer relationships.  Even further ZoneFlex from Ruckus great coverage for pool areas, schools, stadiums and other outdoor areas where Ethernet cabling is not possible.  With these services providers can easily offload data traffic from overly congested 3G networks, deploy hotspots, or offer wireless highspeed where other services are limited.

The most uniquie antenna in the industry!

BeamFlex consists of a smart, compact antenna array with multiple elements, which can be combined in real time to form unique antenna patterns. The advanced BeamFlex system software continually learns the environment with all its hostilities and interference sources, including disruptive RF conditions, numerous communicating devices, network performance issues, and application flows. Then, it selects the optimum antenna pattern for each communicating device in real time, while actively mitigating interference and minimizing noise to nearby networks and devices.

BeamFlex offers:

  • Over 3X increase in performance and range
  • 8X expanded coverage
  • Stabilized wireless network performance, for picture-perfect video streaming and crystal-clear voice communications
  • Maximized power efficiency
  • Interference mitigation

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